Santa Claus' Gmail Account Exposed

I love this [email protected] snapshot. Bono, Jesuschrist, Rudolph, and Steve in his contacts; him chatting about how he'll give Xboxes to bad boys instead of coal because of the energy crisis; God wanting a Wii... His inbox is just hilarious.

I want to read the rest of these emails, badly:

• Yahoo! Answers Answer-Jim311 responded to: "Can Elves get Pregn
• Frosty The Snowman. Dude-Check it. I snapped a pic of this chick that I fu
• George W. Bush. Dear santa-Can I have a third term? I promise I'll b
• Ronald McDonald. I wish-I had your cred man. I can do more than sell
• Your subscription-We renewed your subscription to the hottest elf on elf action [Someone actually registered this domain name. Yes, I tried it.]
• Al Gore, me (7) Re: My Movie-Still haven't watched it yet? It affects you too, the polar ice c
• Digg. lnsaincain02 has sent you a shout on digg- Another D

In any case, I'm just glad that Santa escaped his imperial imprisonment. [Holy Taco via Walyou]

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