Samsung's Got Another Blu-Ray Home Theatre In A Box For You

Samsung BD pack.jpgThis isn't the first Home Theatre in a Box solution we've seen that comes with a bundled Blu-ray player, but that doesn't mean it isn't an extremely exciting piece of kit. It's got speakers and a Blu-ray player and everything, plus it all comes in a box. Isn't that awesome? To be fair, the 5.1 system looks the goods, and for the $1099 price tag (plus $100 cash back), it's a pretty good way of upgrading to Blu-ray and a surround sound setup. The HT-BD2ET's small bookshelf speakers reportedly offer 800 Watts RMS, which is pretty impressive for such a small set of speakers. And the Blu-ray player supports 24 frame playback and the HD audio codecs, although there's no ethernet connectivity for BD-Live action. But if you're going to buy a HTiB setup, that probably won't be a dealbreaker anyway...


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