Roku Player Gets Update for Netflix HD, Future Service Expansion

Roku owners were greeted with a brand new home screen this morning as the service was updated to handle HD video and a expansion that could see new channels and web content on your TV.

According to NewTeeVee, the new screen was accompanied by a welcome message:

By now you've discovered our new home screen. This screen will become your launching pad for a number of great new channels that will begin to appear on your player in early 2009. In addition to the hugely popular Netflix channel, you'll see movie channels, TV channels, web video and more!

We've also upgraded your player to support an advanced video format that will deliver better video quality, especially over Internet connections.

Finally, your player is now fully HD compatible. If you have an HDTV, select 'update display type' below to get the full HD experience. (Tip: visit for HD movies from Netflix.

Netflix has a short and somewhat sweet list of HD titles for Netflix enabled devices if you're interested. [NewTeeVeeThanks, Chris!]

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