RIM Says Blackberry Storm is Verizon's Top Seller

In today's Q3 Conference Call, Verizon stated that the Blackberry Storm has been their top seller over the last month, attracting new BB converts in droves.

RIM wouldn't release specific numbers, according to Alley Insider, but did say that the Storm launch brought in the highest number of new RIM subscribers for a single day. Following that trend, over 75% of Storm buyers have been new Blackberry users, as opposed to former Pearl/Curve/8800 users (they're all buying the Bold).

And either they had low expectations or sales are actually great, but Verizon is having trouble meeting demands at the moment. Take THAT, David Pogue!

AU: Vodafone are loving the Storm locally as well. In a release this morning, they state that they've had to get a third shipment delivered before Xmas to meet demand...

[Alley Insider]

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