Rest Your Wrists on Delicious Processed Grain Product

I know what you're thinking right now. Everything's going alright, except for your damn mouse wrist. It's fatigued from browsing Gizmodo. If only you could rest it on a plump slice of Wonder Bread...

Luckily the White Bread Wrist Rest has been engineered by the Brando R&D team (which we're beginning to think more and more every day consists of a superior alien intelligence that has a penchant for both USB ports and pet toys) to offer you hours of computer usage without painful, cramped wrists.

How is this possible? Think back to being a kid, eating bologna or peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch, sandwiched between two glowing pieces of bread. Were you complaining of carpal tunnel syndrome then? Of course you weren't. Case closed.

One slice will cost you $US6, or two go for $US10. [Brando via Crave]

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