RC Helicopter Modded 45 Calibre Handgun Will Probably End Badly

This modded Bergen Gasser EB remote-controlled helicopter has a handgun on its nose. Yes. A handgun. And as you can see in the video, it can also be fired remotely.

On its own, the Gasser EB is a mean, noisy machine. At 137cm long, it's equipped with a 34.5-inch (800-millimeter) blade, and a gasoline engine powerful enough to resist the drag of a hefty handgun. Which is precisely what the owner of this beast, Jim Simmons, added to it: A Springfield 1911-A .45 calibre weapon.

Simmons also added a remote-controlled firing system. And if you think that's pretty stupid because the pilot on the ground won't be able to aim, think again: He also added a gun-sight digital camera. In other words: This is a fully-armed mini-UAV, which you can actually use to fly anywhere, aim, and fire at whatever target you want.

Yeah, this is exactly how documentaries about loads of dead people start. [LiveLeak]

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