Psystar Drops Antitrust Claim, Focuses on Copyright Issues

I'm seriously buying into the idea that Psystar has secret supporters, because there is no way a small company could fight a hopeless battle against Apple this long. Yet, the battle rages on.

Psystar has agreed to drop their antitrust claim against Apple, but they still have no intention of surrendering. Instead, they have shifted their focus on to copyright issues. From the filing:

Psystar alleges that by virtue of Apple's leveraging of copyrights in the context of Apple's EULA, spurious litigation via the DMCA, and various other anti- and unfair competitive conduct, there is no viable alternative to the purchase and use of Apple-Labeled Computer Hardware Systems for users who wish to use the Mac OS, for a prospective buyer of the Mac OS, or for a user of an older version of the Mac OS.

They are also arguing that Apple's inclusion of code in OSX that results in "kernel panic" does not constitute a legitimate copy protection system.

In Psystar's view, Apple's abuse of their copyright is monopolistic and is in direct violation of the "misuse doctrine," which prevents copyright from being used to block competition. Naturally, this is a major longshot and only prolonging the inevitable at a considerable and unnecessary expense. [Appleinsider and CNET]

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