Predator VX360 Is World's First Wearable Waterproof Video Camera

predator vx360.pngIf you're a surfer / jetskier / snowboarder / sailor / kayaker / speedboater / any sport that involves water who's been ruing the lack of a wearable, waterproof camera that you can take with you to video your crazy water-based adventures - you're in luck! The Predator VX360, which claims the mantle of "first wearable waterproof video camera" has been available in the UK for a little while, but it's coming to Australia in January for $1199. The camera consists of two main parts - the physical camera, which can be mounted to any part of your body (but is best on your head or helmet) and features an integrated anti-fogging system and weighs just 110 grams with the mount; and the arm-mounted recording unit, which connects to the camera with a sturdy cable and features a 2.4-inch screen, large tactile buttons and records to SDHC memory cards up to 8GB. The entire setup is not only waterproof to 3 metres, but ruggedised to ensure it can withstand the impact of crashing onto rocks and other dangerous things that happen during extreme watersports.

The website is a bit vague on the camera's resolution - claiming 470 "TV lines", which I guess we'll take to mean it's slightly less than 480i. But let's face it - if you're recording your wild water exploits on film with one of these things, you're only going to share your incredible stacks, and you're going to do it on YouTube, so the lack of resolution doesn't matter. Of course, $1200 for a YouTube camera, even if it is waterproof, is a bit pricey.

[Predator World]

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