Pooping Robot Dolls Are the Hot Kids Toys of 2008

According to the Washington Post, realistic pooping dolls are a must-have item this holiday season. Man, I can't wait to have kids.

Dolls like "Baby Alive" come with special "green beans" and "bananas" that can be fed to the doll, "digested" and "defecated." To enhance the fun, Baby Alive occasionally poops prematurely creating a lifelike mess for you to clean up. Awesome right? Then there is the "Little Mummy Real Loving Baby Gotta Go Doll" with over 60 realistic phrases and fun sounds. It comes complete with a magic toilet that must be flushed after each use.

Curiously, the "I Crapped My Pants Doll" was left off the list. I mean, those other dolls cost over $US40 while the pants crapper can be had for only $US9. Now that's what I call value. Unfortunately, I can't promise that your child won't cry and curse your name if you purchase this as a Christmas gift. [Washington Post and Funny Outlet]

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