Photos Show What 10 Megajoules Worth of Damage To the LHC Looks Like

CERN's photos of the LHC's multi-million-dollar ouchies aren't as dramatic as the Earth being swallowed by the Singularity, but they show the results of a single solder joint's failure on the world's most complex machine.

For someone who doesn't know his quench detector from his quadropole Q24, it's not easy to see what's going on here. But it does look like something is amiss, that's for sure. Aside from wrecking 53 of the Large Hadron's magnets, the incident released six tons of helium into the atmosphere. There have been no reports of Geneva's residents all talking like Chipmunks on that fateful day, however.

CERN also reiterated their hopes to get the Large Hadron Collider back to colliding by June of next year. Two of the 53 replacement magnets have already been installed. [CERN Press Release via Cosmic Variance]

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