Optus Brings Back Pre-Paid iPhones

Thumbnail image for iphone optus.pngThe last we heard, Optus had pretty much ditched the entire pre-paid option for iPhone 3G users, unless you went to pick it up from the George street store in Sydney. Now, it looks like you can get your Jesusphone action anywhere again, including Optus's online store. The 8GB model goes for $799 while both coloured 16GB models go for $899. And while there's no mention online about unlocking the handset unless you're on a post-paid plan, tipster readerr0r informs us that his local Optus World informed him that it would cost $120 to unlock regardless of how long you've had the phone. So if you're after some prepaid iPhone action, without the perils of a 24 month contract with Optus, this could be the way to go...

[Optus - Thanks readerr0r!]

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