OK People, It Might Be Time to Lay Off the BlackBerry Storm Hate

Sure, lots of important people weren't too impressed with the Storm. But this slippy, Freudian Google News headline sums up the unbridled hate towards the handset much better than it does the article. Much.

Issues to consider:

1) AT&T users experienced widespread outages in the upper Midwest a few days ago
2) AT&T does not offer the BlackBerry Storm
3) The article itself clearly blames an actual storm—you know, weather—for the service interruption.
4) The rest of the article is about iPhones

A conspiracy against BlackBerrys? No. A silly mistake by either the Google News aggregator or Information Week? Probably. A dramatic infiltration of either by David Pogue or Stephen Fry? Hopefully. [Thanks, Enzo]

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