Official Mensa Alarm Clock Reminds You That You Are a Moron Every Morning

What could be better than a super loud alarm clock at 6 am? How about a super loud alarm clock that makes you feel like an idiot?

That's right, the UK branch of the Mensa society for smarty pants has released a brain training alarm clock that combines groggyness, loud noses and puzzles (a winning combination). Here's how it works: when the alarm sounds, you will need to memorise and repeat a random sequence of coloured lights on one of three difficulty levels. If you get the sequence wrong, or you are too slow, the alarm gets progressively louder until you get it right (or hurl it against a wall). If you are up to the challenge, the clock can be yours for about $US41 shipped to the US. [eBay via Craziest Gadgets]

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