Oculus Yacht Mimics a Giant, Man-Eating Fish

It's almost cruel of us to post about the Schöpfer Oculus, a 250-foot luxury yacht inspired by an oceanic fish.

With room for 12 people to comfortably cruise at 25 knots, the rear of the Oculus remains open like a gigantic jaw that's eating the passengers alive in luxury. And what appears to be a cleverly-placed window fills in an apt spot for an eye.

Inside, the ceilings reach an impressive 12-feet (hey, those are higher than where I live every day!) while the entire boat is still described as a "low rider," featuring retractable panels that protect the decks from swells. Wait, why are we even bothering to explain all of this to you? You can't afford it. [Schopfer Yachts via DVICE]

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