NSW Students To Get Free Netbooks Next Year

nec netbook.jpgKids today have got it easy. Not only do they have mobile phones and the internet, they're now going to get a free netbook just for going to a public school. So long as they live in NSW that is, with The Australian today reporting that the NSW State government and the Federal government have kissed and made up over funding for the free laptop scheme.

Sadly, there's no mention on exactly which type of netbook years 9-12 students can expect to see come next year. They will have wireless though, and will connect to the Department of Education's network through each student's unique ID, which the Government claims will help prevent theft of the devices.

Students will also get to keep the netbook when they leave school, although you'd feel pretty bummed if you were in year 9 next year and you had to keep the same, 3-year-old netbook heading into uni... Those things aren't that powerful to begin with, let alone 3-years down the track...

[The Australian]

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