Nokia Working On Smart Home Solution Based Around Your Mobile Phone

nokia smarthome.pngThe "smart home" has been a part of technology folklore for nearly 30 years. Despite hundreds of companies offering a myriad of solutions to make your home completely automated and networked, all of them are too expensive to really become mainstream. But Nokia is hoping to change all that by making the central device, the central controller of your home something that you already carry around with you - your (Nokia) mobile phone.

Details are a little scarce, at this stage, but according to CNet, Nokia's Home Control Center Solution offers a Linux based platform that interacts with most of the current smart home technologies on the market, using a combination of Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS, and Z-Wave technologies for connectivity.

Hopefully this will mean that you'll be able to remotely control every aspect of your home from your mobile for an affordable price. Although considering the cost of simply running Cat5 cables through your home these days, I wouldn't expect it to be cheap when it does launch...

[Nokia via CNet]

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