Night Camera iPhone App Picks the Decisive Moment via Accelerometer, Eliminates Shaky Hands

Even if you have the still hands of Solid Snake on Diazepam, night shots with a mobile phone camera will often turn out a blur. Night Camera detects motion and pulls the trigger when your shakies are at their steadiest.

When you press the shutter button with Night Camera, the app starts taking accelerometer readings for three seconds; when the sensor determines that you're holding the camera steadily, Night Camera triggers the shutter at that exact moment. Accelerometer sensitivity and sensor reading time are all configurable.

Since a harsh flash in darker situations is often your worst enemy as a photographer, this is a great feature for helping battle the blurriness brought on by hand-holding your shots at low speeds. I'd welcome this feature on my DSLRs, too. Night Camera is a buck, but for a "limited time only" so grab it up now. [Night Camera - iTunes]

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