Newsmy MP3 Dolls Could Be Your Kid's First Gadget

It's never too early to get your kid attached to gadgets—these adorable mp3 playing dolls read storybooks, play music and speak to your babies, providing them with affection when you're feeling lazy.

Named Niu Niu and Man Man, after Chinese gadget company Newsmy's mascots, the dolls are mp3 players and "interactive learning devices." Besides loading the toys with your child's favourite songs, you can also record your voice, to be played back whenever your spawn is feeling your absence.

The controls for all the dolls' features are on their hands and feet. The data and battery boxes are shoved deep into their stuffed insides so you don't have to worry about electrocution. The dolls hold 2GB, play MP3 and WMA formats, go up to 75dB and use 3 AA batteries. And if the photoshop jobs are to be believed... they can alsohover! [imp3]

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