New PlayStation 3 Accessories Bring Joystick Controls, Unholy Xbox 360 Union

There's kind of a dearth of arcade-style joysticks available for the PS3 right now, and there aren't necessarily many fighting games worth playing on the console either. Nevertheless, the XCM Dominator will exist soon.

Then again, female avatars have had a tough time in Sony's PlayStation Home service as of late—maybe the killer combos this thing will help create can help them out of a jam. No price or availability just yet, and that's definitely a render.

The other addition is this curious $US40 XCM Cross Battle Adaptor hub that allows PS3 owners to synch up their wired Xbox 360 controllers and play games that way. It's a better controller, sure, but there has to be some button mapping issues, no?

Nostalgic aside: Remember when joystick controllers only had two main buttons? [Total Console via Pimp My Console]

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