Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite To Cost $US400

We got an early peek at the Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite media streamer, complete with codec support and rear inputs/outputs. Now Wired has scored some more details, including the Elite's $US400 price.

Yes, that's a tad steep if you compare it to Apple TV, Roku, or Xbox 360, but not so bad if you compare it to the average HTPC.

The Netgear's biggest advantage is that it supports a wide variety of codecs and includes a 500GB SATA hard drive that's user-swappable.

The Netgear's biggest disadvantage is that it while it can browse YouTube, Flickr, content from your PC, and probably services like Hulu as well, there's no Netflix partnership to speak of. But for the Bittorrent fan who wants a place to toss media for an HDTV, it might not be a bad option when it's released at a yet unannounced time. [Wired]

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