MSNBC's Jerk Gadget List is Condescending Even to the Mainstream

I get what MSNBC was trying to do with this list—warn its mainstream readers about potential social pitfalls with technology—but the contents of the list are just too condescending even for their target audience.

Here's a sampling that convinces us this is kind of a lazy list.

• Bluetooth: Yeah, no crap Bluetooth makes you look like a dbag, but it's necessary seeing as lots of states have passed hands-free calling laws. And putting Bluetooth on here? Is this 2001?

• TiVo: TiVo? TiVo?? Even your grandma likes TiVo, and she's the one reading this list.

• Linux: Wow.

• Segway: Again, the way too obvious choice.

If you really must see for yourself, the list is over here. What should you do? Make sure your less tech-aware friends know that this list is BS. [MSNBC]

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