Motorola Aura To Run On Android?

If any Gizmodians out there were waiting with bated breath to drop about $3K on a phone that they'll never be able to resell (in other words, the Motorola Aura), there might be a slight delay if the rumours the guys at PopSci Australia have been hearing are true. Apparently Moto has decided to switch the Aura from the Symbian based OS they were showing off at the phone's launch last month to Android. While we know that Moto are planning on shifting their handsets to Google's mobile OS, doing so with their uber-expensive flagship handset seems a little weird. After all, considering the cost of the handset, wouldn't a free OS seem a little, well, cheap? But if it is true, it will probably make the phone one of the first Android handsets available in Australia, after the Kogan Agora, of course

At this point, keep this one categorised firmly in the rumour section of your brain, at least until we get some confirmation from the guys at Moto...

[PopSci AU]

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