MacPadd Aluminium Mousepad Lightning Review

The Gadget: MacPadd, the anodised aluminium mousepad meant to match the finish on newer MacBook and MacBook Pros. It's about the size of a standard mousepad, if slightly shorter than usual (but just as wide).

The Price: $US25

The Verdict: Holy butterface, it works! We originally thought it would be little more than a gimmick; a shiny surface that looked great but tracked horribly. Untrue! As a mousing surface for laser and optical mice such as our favourite, the Logitech MX 1100, it works fine—or at least as well as normal mousepads.

It's also as weighty as you'd expect from something made out of metal, so there's the added bonus of it not flailing around as someone like Matt Buchanan vigorously plays Team Fortress 2, or like Jesus Diaz when he intensely photoshops Steve Jobs' face onto models (male and female). The undercarriage of the MacPadd is a gooey melted-marshmallow texture that holds the pad in place on your desk for added stability.

There are, as always, a few downsides. It's a few inches shorter in length than normal mousepads—only one-and-a-half mouse lengths instead of about two—so you'll run out of room quicker. It's also hard (you know, metal) so you're more likely to scrape your wrist on the side as you're using it. And because it's made of aluminium, it's COLD. Using this in Chicago or New York during the winter would be a bad idea unless you had the heat turned up, but it's not too bad that you can't deal with it.

At $US25 though, it's not too expensive, and should last quite a bit longer than normal pads that wear out over time from friction. And when it boils down to it, you know you want an aluminium mousepad, and this is a good mousepad. [MacPadd]

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