MacBooks: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adaptor Available Soon

Apple's decision to make its customised Mini DisplayPort the only method of video output on their new MacBooks annoyed a lot of users, but they've finally decided to fix the problem— with an adapter.

Video output is limited at the moment to Apple's own adapters, available only in VGA, DVI, or Dual-Link DVI, which means you're out of luck if you want to hook your new MacBook up to an HDTV that's only got HDMI. So it comes as a relief that Apple is finally offering free licenses to third-party manufacturers so that Mini DisplayPort can get some use., a vendor of adapters and cables, confirmed that Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters are coming to their store, but not until "the end of January 2009." That's awhile to wait for something that many feel should have been ready at launch, but at least there'll be some competition for accessories using that Mini DisplayPort now. [MacYourself]

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