Lego NES Mod Shamelessly Exploits Our Nostalgia

Project Red is a direct appeal to your inner child, if you're in your mid-20s. You loved your NES, didn't you? And Lego too? Well, how about I shove one of those inside the other?

No, it's not a project to see how many Lego bricks jammed into the cartridge slot it takes before an NES breaks (three, if memory serves, although the force of entry can make a difference). Project Red sought to create a case mod for an NES out of Lego, a lot like the Lego Playstation mod from earlier this week. It's fully functional, of course, and now features new status lights. The video below shows it in action, although there's no explanation for the odd choice in soundtrack (Weird Al? Really?).

[Thanks Steve!]

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