Leg Monitor Turns Your Restless Legs Into Jittery Music

At first, you might think that a device that monitors your jumpy restless legs would be designed to cure you of restless legs syndrome. You would be wrong.

No, this device is meant to help spur your creativity by creating music that goes along with the natural rhythms of your uncontrollable legs. It works by strapping a device to your thigh that connects to your computer. What?

When Yurex is connected to a computer's USB port, special software automatically downloads the data from the device and analyzes the user's leg-shaking habits and rhythm patterns. The software can also generate a personalised "creative beat pattern" based on leg-shake data obtained while the user is in a state of deep concentration. Then, whenever a boost of creative energy is needed, users can simply jiggle their knees in concert with this beat data to achieve higher brain power.

Not surprisingly, the Yurex comes to us from Japan, the only country with the necessary combo of tech savvy and complete craziness to produce something like this. [Yurex via Pink Tentacle]

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