Leaked BlackBerry Storm OS Update Should Have Been Here Yesterday

At least that's what the CrackBerry folks who got their hands on the latest Storm OS seem to think anyway. Install at your own risk (unofficial update), but the changes appear to be pretty solid.

Just to be clear again: Update OS is unofficial at this point, so proceed with caution. That said, sources at CrackBerry indicate this evening that this release might have the chops to get official approval by Verizon. Eventually.

I haven't played with the OS too much just yet, but it definitely feels much improved, even over which leaked on the 19th. Some bugs have been fixed, the accelerometer action is definitely quicker and typing feels a bit more responsive.

Says Crackberry poster Kevin Michaluk, "This is what the Storm should have launched with. Definitely worth an install if you're a 9530 Storm owner."

Not necessarily a ringing endorsement of what the phone came equipped with thus far, but it sounds like RIM is on top of things after the fact. Very Apple iPhone 3G of them, don't you think? [CrackBerry via CrunchGear]

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