Japan Mobile Phone App Gives Fashion Advice Based on Your Face

Japan mobile phone app maker J-Magic has released a useful update to its celebrity look-a-like app, "Kao Cheki." Called "Shoubu Co-de Cheki," it offers fashion advice based on mobile snapshots of your face. Anyone want to make this for the iPhone?

"Shoubu" is a slang term for the type of clothing a woman wears to land a man. "Co-de" is the Japanisation of the word coordinate, as in "what skirt would coordinate with what shirt." The mobile program asks girls to send in pictures of their face and uses the same technology that determines their celebrity twins to dress them up.

Now the independent woman in me kind of gags at the thought of there being specific outfits to "catch" dudes. But the lazy, unfashionable tomboy in me is kind of like "Oh hey, it's like taking the thinking out of dressing up. Awesome." Especially since the app offers options like "sexy cute" or "natural cool." The app is co-developed by Nissen, an online clothing shop. [Cscout Japan]

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