iPhone Nano Case Rumour Again

iPhone Nano Case Rumour Again

There are rumours that keep coming back, like the iPhone nano. Eventually they may become reality, but seriously, is this product information form the real thing or a way to get a mailing list?

Their "iPhone nano cases" page has a form which says "sign up for the upcoming release of our iPhone nano cases" but I'm just not buying it, sorry.

I know that XSKN claims to have one coming and I know they leaked the iPhone 3G case before, but I can't believe Apple will happily give a completely new product away like this.

An update to an old one--like the iPhone 3G--yes. But a completely new one? It never happened, and it has the same chances of happening as a remake of the Star Wars prequels by Woody Allen. Or the iPhone Pro, for that matter.

In any case, this form is the last drop that has overflowed that small glass of whiskey that I call patience. Time for the iron bar. [Vaja--thanks tipsters, but please stop unless you have an actual picture of an iPhone nano]