Intricate Steampunk Mouse Might Have Gone A Bit Far With the Whole 'Actual Mouse Spine' Thing

Daniel Pon needed to make a steampunk mouse to accompany his tricked-out keyboard and monitor, so he got to work, and perhaps a little carried away. The end result is impressive. And kind of nauseating.

The so-called Paradox Mouse has everything a good steampunk mod needs: brass, bolts, gears, woods, and a distinct neo-Victorian flair. It also has a few extras, which the modder refers to as "ironic": a mouse skull, shoulder blades and spine. The skull sits as a sort of ornament on the front of the mouse, the shoulder blades as miniature cattle catchers, and the vertebrae as the palmrest.
I'm not sure what to say about this, especially considering that it sounds like the modder might have some, uh, experience when it comes to repurposing mouse parts:

I had to soak the bone in warm water for 5 minutes to soften the tendons which allowed me to bend it to its final shape.

Neat! Daniel, who just had a mouse skeleton just "sitting in a box" (!!!) says the entire mod only cost him about $US40-$US50. Check his site for build details. [TheTentacleParadox]

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