Implosion Toy Set Lets You Practice Destroying the Apple Cube Store Over and Over

American Toy and Invention Co. is selling a kit that'll let you build, implode, and rebuild a multi-story structure that looks strangely enough like the 5th Avenue Apple flagship retail space. I'm sure it teaches about the physics of demolition, but hey! Stuff's blowing up! Stuff with iPods inside!

The inventor, going by the name Advanced Engineering, is selling 4- and 8-story kits that both support rebuild and re-implosion. He says he's run out of funding to ship the product, but before his site went down due probably to intense interest, he was still selling a few kits for around $US60. We hope he gets enough cash money to keep making these toys, it's a great idea and we're sure he'd have a market for it. [Boing Boing Gadgets]

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