iiNet Giving Xbox Users 24-Month Xbox Live Subscriptions

iinet xbox live.pngIf you're an Xbox user looking to switch to iiNet in light of their recent announcement of unmetered Xbox Live downloads, you should probably rush to your hotmail account and check your inbox for a pretty awesome deal - if you sign up to iiNet before December 31, you'll not only get unmetered content, but also a bonus 24-month Xbox Live Gold subscription. Even if you've just signed up for 12 months with Live, they'll just add the 24 months on top of your current subscription. You'll also get a special "Gamer profile", which apparently means reduced lag for you.

The deal's only available to people who got sent the email though, as there's a special code you'll need to enter to be eligible. So you should probably check that old hotmail account you never use anymore, just in case...

[iiNet - Thanks Stephen!]

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