iFauxne Roundup: Apple Ripoffs Just Keep Getting Worse

Today in shady Chinese electronics manufacturer news, we've got a whopping three iPhonies vying for your (counterfeit?) dollars. iFone, which isn't another of my clever puns but is actually a very brazenly-named company, announced the iFone 3G and the two-for-one ripoff iFone X1. Meizu, who wins the dubious title of the classiest in the bunch, has finally made its M8 official on its website.

The iFone X1 looks like a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, but with a touchscreen and without a QWERTY keyboard. The interface, however, is still an iClone, which doesn't even make sense. The least these guys could aim for is consistency, you know? Short video of the interface below.

iFone's 3G is not, as its name suggests OUTRIGHT STATES, a 3G-enabled phone at all. It, like a classic ripoff, looks kind of like a grainy photocopy of a photocopy of the original Apple creation. It's available for $US178, which is about $US200 more than anybody should pay.

Finally, Meizu's M8, which has actually been looking marginally less like an iFauxne lately, has finally showed its face on Meizu's official site. There's a GUI simulator and a few galleries if you're some kind of weirdo who's been waiting for the M8. [PMP Today]

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