If Only Sony Made Such a Clever PS3 Remote

There's nothing wrong with Sony's Blu-ray remote for the PS3, but there's nothing especially right about it either. And as unwieldy as it may be, this generic 3-in-1 solution looks much better.

The 3-in-1 Wireless Keyboard is first and foremost a Blu-ray remote, but it also appears to be a slider of sorts, packing full QWERTY and—if our eyes are telling us correctly—dual analogue sticks.

Especially for BD-Live content, the keyboard could make all of the text entry a lot more convenient than even Sony's own QWERTY option. And dual analogs? Really? The PSP doesn't even have that!

We really wish there were more to the product's description, but if you're willing to make a gamble with $US28.52 of your hard earned cash, let us know how it goes. [Superufo via Kotaku]

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