HP's New Boston Power Laptop Batteries Last 3x Longer, Charge To 80% in 30 Minutes

Coming to HP laptops at the beginning of next year, the new cells by Boston Power (dubbed "Enviro" by HP) will charge faster and last 1,000 cycles without degrading.

We first saw the batteries under development at last year's DEMO conference (the bottom battery in the picture), but HP will become the first to offer them commercially as a custom BTO option (at a $US20-$US30 premium) early next year. Aside from being able to handle up to 1,000 cycles before starting to lose life (the norm now is around 300), the new cells can also be brought up to 80% charge in 30 minutes—awesome for when you only have brief access to wall holes. I need holes! [InfoWorld via Crunch Gear]

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