Hobomodo: I Sold My Identity for Free TiVo Cookie Cutters

As an intern for Gizmodo, hobomodos have become my favourite part of our daily gadget deals: my marketing information in exchange for free TiVo cookie cutters? It's yours before you can even say "leaky faucet."

Whether these hobomodos ever show up are highly questionable—so imagine my surprise when my free TiVo cookie cutters showed up just in time for the holiday baking season! The TiVo cookie cutter arrived in a plastic bag, accompanied by a recipe courtesy of TiVo.

Prep Time: 1-3 minutes
Cook Time: Bake Time may vary
Level: Beginner
Serves: The entire family, plus as many friends as you can fit into the living room.

1 TiVo (HD or standard)
HD recommended for sweeter taste buds, SD for those counting calories
2 tsp. of the Emmy award-winning TiVo service
2 cups movies from Netflix or Amazon Video on Demand
Pinch of universal Swivel search
Dash of YouTube videos
1 cup music from Rhapsody
1/2 cup personal photo slideshow
1/4 tsp. BaDoop BaDoop Show
Handful of play, pause, rewind and fast-forward

The next step was the hardest task: what type of cookies would my stepmother enjoy with her milk? Chocolate with walnuts? Sugar? Arsenic? Fortunately, a very helpful Miss Betty Crocker helped me limit my choices and I eventually settled on sugar. Employing several slaves toddler hands in my quest for the perfect TiVo cookie, I then embarked on my journey.

I'm not quite sure whether it was the dough mix or because I've never made shaped cookies before but I had a frustrating time using the cookie cutter initially. I eventually resorted to letting the dough cook for a little bit before I pulled them back out and used the cookie cutter. I'd then stick them back in the oven to let them finish. Two batches later, including a few ones that deliciously tasted like carbon, I managed to make a few cookies actually resembled the TiVo.. uh, "fish." I sure as hell can't cook, but bake things full of lard? Oh yes, I can.

TV? Check. Cookies? Check. Marketing spam to replace the credit card offers I used to receive? Done. [TiVo at Gizmodo, special thanks to Kayla, Cassidy, Jenna and Maddy!]

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