Herzog & de Meuron's Latest Project: Disc Tower in an Arabian Garden in Madrid

These guys don't know when to stop—after wowing with the Bird's Nest and an upcoming Jenga apartment tower in NYC, H&dM have just unveiled their equally stunning design for a bank HQ in Madrid.

Aside from looking like a delicious 'nilla wafer standing upright in a field of whipped cream, or a sailboat at sea in a crazy greenhouse ocean, the BBVA building incoporates a ton of cool ideas that sound like the most perfect work environment ever.

The main buildings are long, horizontal and onlythree-stories tall, and in the alleys and other nooks and crannies surrounding, a "carpet" of plants and trees grows. This will give each workspace a garden view and create "a cool, moist, fresh microclimate analogous to an Arabian garden" in the desert-y Madrid suburbs. And from it all springs the aforementioned wafer, excised from the carpet and set vertically at a slight angle.

Hey BBVA - you hiring? [Dezeen]

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