Here's a Good Question: Is Kevin Rudd A Gamer?

New Kotaku AU editor David has posed a very interesting question over on our sister site today: Is Kevin Rudd a gamer? Normally, the mere idea of any politician in power as a gamer strikes me as absurd, but the fact is that K-Rudd (or his staff) spends a lot of time on social networking tools like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, so why not gaming? With the latest batch of consoles (and most current PC titles too), games are becoming more and more about engaging with your fellow man, right before you blow a hole in his virtual head (sometimes you have one blown in yours instead).

Do you reckon the PM partakes in the odd bit of gaming? Would he own any consoles? Head on over to Kotaku to discuss with our gaming-obsessed brethren...

[Kotaku AU]

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