Harp Chair Massages Your Back With Horrible Music

I appreciate the originality of a chair that massages your back with the vibrations from harp music, but there are a couple glaring reasons why this thing isn't worth $US7000.

First of all, getting a massage is still a two person job. You still require someone to stand behind you and strum the harp that is integrated into the back of the chair. Plus, even the most ham-fisted of us can deliver a passable massage—a harp chair requires that the person giving the massage actually have some skill. After all, randomly plucking away at the strings isn't going to be relaxing for anyone—unless you are Phillip Glass or something. [Hammacher via DVICE]


    I don't understand why this is worth $7000... it's made of wood and wood is much less durable than steel. But I must agree, having someone to massage you feels a lot better than any mechanism.

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