Guy Gets Death Threat Over Xbox Live, Has To Pay To Change His Gamertag

Our buddy Zatz over at Zatz Not Funny received a death threat over Xbox Live. t's unclear whether it was a real one or just some kid mouthing off, but it doesn't matter.

According to Zatz, some guy who couldn't hack it in Call of Duty said, "I'll kill you in real life with a real gun." That's when Zatz decided that he should really change his gamertag (Zatz) to one that's not quite as easily identifiable to him. Smart move, in my opinion, since there've been enough crazy Xbox killings to make you think twice when someone threatens you.

The sad part is that even after complaining to Microsoft and telling them why he had to change the tag, he had to pay 800 Microsoft Points ($US10) to change his gamertag. And, it seems, the support staff didn't really care that much that death threats were given on the service. Really shitty that people are paying for the service (even if the service is great) and have to pay more to protect themselves from threats by other users. [Zatz Not Funny]

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