Google Street View Captures Man/Woman Peeing In the Street

Google Street view has caught a lot of people doing a lot of things, but is this the first instance of it catching someone peeing on the street?

Here's what we think. This takes place in Madrid, Spain. Jesus frequents Madrid. This person likes peeing. Jesus is known to pee from time to time. Thus, this is in fact, most definitely, Jesus Diaz. QED. I rest my case. [Google via Street View Gallery - Thanks Mark!]



    @ easy2panic: this is one of the biggest cases of useless intellectual snobbery i have ever seen.
    "have you read 1984? don't even comment until you have"
    what? because someone hasn't read a book they can't comment on issues of cameras and privacy? i have read 1984, great, i now have orwell's liberalist views on privacy, goverment power, etc. it doesnt make me more qualified to comment on this topic, because in all seriousness, you don't need to read 1984 to come up with a view like, 'surveillance is bad'. thats a view pushed in orwells 1984 (but that's his liberalist view), i'm sure you'll find many many people who will argue that a limiting of personal liberty is fair if it provides greater security.

    and these cameras don't come anywhere close to 1984 streetview should be viewed as an extension of conventional maps...everyone is all like "ohhh shit, people can see the tree in my front yard!>!?!?!" yeh...a tree that anyone can see anyway. man up, seriously

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