Good OS Launches A Cloud-centric Version of Their Linux OS called...Cloud

Good OS, who provided the $US200 Wal-mart PCs with gOS, will release a cloud-based version of the OS, the pragmatically named Cloud. Cloud runs a hybrid browser/linux kernel, offering quick startups and minimal lag.

According to Electronista, Cloud launches within a few seconds, provides access to the internet, runs client apps (like Skype), as well as a variety of web apps, including a dock full of them from Google. In addition, Cloud is compatible with flash video and mp3s, giving users options for multimedia use within the OS. But Cloud is not meant to be a standalone solution. Instead, it will be packaged in netbooks alongside Windows XP, complete with a dock icon that will switch you over to the more robust operating system when more power is required.

Cloud is expected to be available early next year, when it is shipped alongside Gigabyte's Tablet Notebooks. [Good OS via Electronista]

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