Give A Snorer The Gift Of Shutting The Hell Up This Christmas

Give A Snorer The Gift Of Shutting The Hell Up This Christmas

Snorer's Friend.jpgI hate Christmas time. Don’t get me wrong – Christmas day is fantastic, and I love giving gifts to my friends and family. But I hate the lead up, especially because it means that every random company and their dog sends me press releases on their completely random products and claim that they’re “the perfect gift”. Such is the case of the “Snorer’s Friend”. But rather than me bitch about it, why don’t you read the email I found in my inbox for yourself?

Don’t want to give an expensive, impractical Christmas gift that will probably never get taken out of the box? Want to give a gift that gives someone a new lease of life? Want to give a gift that you benefit from?

So far, I’m thinking I should buy myself a new TV. How about you?

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep, guaranteed.

Okay, now I’m giving a case of beer (which I naturally will partake in).

Australia’s Snorer’s Friend is designed to stop the loud, annoying sound of snoring. It is a Mandibular Advancement Device, registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The Snorer’s Friend is designed to hold your jaw forward at night, which reduces the chance of snoring.

Oh. That doesn’t sound like fun at all…

How does it work?
The cause of most snoring noise is a partial obstruction of the airway, which leads to vibration of the surrounding tissues, which causes the noise. The Snorer’s Friend holds the lower jaw in a slightly forward position which removes the obstruction and restores
quiet breathing. Like a sports mouthguard, the Snorer’s Friend is designed to be softened in hot water, and then moulded to your mouth.

Does it really work?
Scientific research (see website for details, or contact Snorer’s Friend, see details below) has shown that Mandibular Advancement Devices work for around 80% of snorers. So the chances are it will work for the snorer you are buying it for. If it doesn’t do the job,
there is a money back guarantee you can easily claim via the website, email, fax, phone or mail.

Wow. That sounds like the perfect gift. And my wife doesn’t even snore! And for just 70 bucks? I’m sure anyone would be happy with that gift this Christmas.

All sarcasm aside, if it works, I’m sure some people would really benefit from something like this. But as a Christmas Gift? I think not.

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