Ghetto Wii Balance Board Is Perfect for Tap Dancing Simulator

This guy wanted to get fit without Wii Fit, so he created this ghetto balance board with foam, wood, a Wiimote, and some custom PC software. His objective: A more vigorous exercise method.

I wondered about a way to get fitter, work out without having to go running outside (although that is very healthy). I didn't think the Wii balance board would do the trick, as the Wii games where reported not to be very intense, and the board itself is too hard for running on it. So what is different about the Swiiboard is that can absorb running effort, measure the effort and perhaps that it can use those measurements to control a virtual environment. It turned out this can be achieved using a Wiimote controller.

For sure, it looks like he's suffering a lot doing that. However, instead of going through that forest of cylinders, this invention calls for EA's Fred & Ginger Sim.

Here is how the board is "built".

[Swiitboard via Hackaday]

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