Get Your Star Wars Merchandise At The Powerhouse Museum Exhibition

star wars merch.jpgOne thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's coverage of the new Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Sydney powerhouse Museum is that it's a merchandisers dream. And not just the regular Star Wars crap you can pick up at Go-Lo for a couple of bucks either - they've got full-sized Master Replica lightsabers, Lego sets (although not the Death Star diorama or the Millennium Falcon), R2-D2 plush back packs and more bobble-heads than I've ever seen gathered at one place at a time - seriously, if there was an earthquake, there would be enough bobbling to cause an aftershock just inside the Powerhouse. Nothing there is cheap, but if you're a collector, you may find something at the exhibition you haven't been able to pick up in Australia before...

[Powerhouse Museum]

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