Gallery Reveals Secret Gizmodo Production Chain

Those who came to the gallery were able to get a glimpse of this: The usual suspects doing their thing. Did you ever wonder how all the Giz's magic and nonsense happens? Here's is how it basically works:

10 news pop
20 Adam checks flying_squirrels=A$
30 if A$=yes then gosub 120
40 John checks martians=B$
50 if B$=yes then gosub 140
60 Jesus checks lego_bricks=C$
70 if C$=yes then gosub 160
80 Matt checks motorola_death=D$
90 if D$=yes then gosub 190
100 brian prints "It's the Internet, FIND MORE THINGS! DO FEATURES! WRITE! WORK! JUMP!"
110 goto 10
120 Adam writes furry remarks
130 end
140 John writes scientific blurb
150 end
160 Jesus writes about cocktails
170 Jesus stomps around in Gundam slippers
180 end
190 Matt rejoices
200 end

And that's basically the New York-based Gizmodo slavery blogging program works, thank you very much.

[I know my basic is bad, TFSU]

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