FYI: Blending a Charged iPhone Causes Explosions

On Saturday at the Gizmodo Gallery, we blended a fully-functioning iPhone, sacrificing it to the gods of copy and paste. What we learned was that if you blend an iPhone with its battery inside, it explodes. Whoops!

Yeah, so we probably should have taken the battery out, but we wanted to show that it worked when we blended it (the iPhone was Blam's first generation model). Of course, I was the idiot chosen to do the blending, but luckily I was wearing a lab coat, which caught most of the battery acid milkshake. The same can't be said for Brian, who caught a lot of it on the face, but luckily none in his eyes.

So yeah, we stopped the blending session after that, because it scared the everloving crap out of me. It's better to leave these sorts of things to the professionals, it turns out.

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