Foxtel Give Your Kids A Remote Of Their Own

Foxtel Give Your Kids A Remote Of Their Own

Mini_Mote_3Quart_left.jpgWhen my nephew first learnt to balance on his short little legs and wander around, he had an obsession with remote controls. You could think he was quietly resting in the middle of the day, and all of a sudden the TV would go on, the volume would start going up and as you rushed to check whether your house was haunted, you’d find him there pushing buttons. Well, Foxtel must have had him in mind when they came up with the idea for the Mini-Mote – a smaller remote dedicated to browsing through the children’s channels on Foxtel.

The remote itself costs $29, which isn’t too bad all things considered, and is availble at those Foxtel kiosks you see at shopping centres around the country.

The new FOXTEL Mini Mote will be on every kid’s wish list this Christmas and is now available from FOXTEL kiosks to families across Australia – just in time for these school holidays.

FOXTEL’s Mini Mote lets kids choose from eight of the world’s best children’s TV channels providing entertaining, educational, appropriate and safe programming.

Using the remote is child’s play, simply press the channel button you want to watch and the remote takes you straight to that channel. Select from Animal Planet, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, and the completely ad free BBC channel, CBeebies.

FOXTEL Executive Director of Sales & Product, Patrick Delany said: “Families will love the FOXTEL Mini Mote because it’s fun to use, can be customised with photos, and gives kids their own remote without having to share with mum or dad.

“Best of all the Mini Mote puts kids in control of what TV they want to watch while parents have the security of knowing what they see is limited to selected children’s channels. FOXTEL already provides comprehensive parental control features and the Mini Mote is a fantastic complement to these services.”

The Mini Mote can be used to turn any FOXTEL set top unit on or off, change or mute volume, and scroll through all channels up or down. Plus the two additional Star or Moon buttons allow parents to directly program additional channels or their kid’s other favourite channels to the remote.

It’s kid friendly with large hard-capped buttons, the Mini Mote has undergone stringent child safety and durability testing and is suitable for children aged three years and over.

FOXTEL’s Mini Mote comes with a customisable image compartment that can be updated with any choice of photo or picture of a FOXTEL character.

FOXTEL also offers family friendly functionality with its PIN protection setting that allows parents to block individual channels and programs, and set adult filters and viewing restrictions so that children will be unable to view programming which may not be suitable.

The FOXTEL Mini Mote is only available via FOXTEL kiosks located in major shopping centres nationally from Wednesday, December 17, 2008. The retail price is great value at $29.00 and batteries are included. A simple Mini Mote guide with full instructions is available at