First Smartphones, Now Feature Phones: Motorola Leaks More 2009 Handsets

Yesterday's purported renders of Motorola's 2009 smartphone line seemed plausible, but these less adventurous feature phone renders are almost too safe to be fake. Behold, the Son of Razr!

Obviously this slider, codenamed Niagra, is a pretty large departure from the Razr tradition—it's a slider, after all. But its lineage would appear to be undeniable, considering the distinctive keypad, thin profile and metallic finish. That said, all of the vowels in the name appear to be vital to pronunciation, so the bloodline can't be totally pure.

As for the Fairbanks and Harmony clamshell phones (below), there is little reason to believe that these are anything but a minor update to Moto's existing entry-level free-on-contract handsets. As with the smartphone leak, these renders came naked. In other words specs, prices and release dates are still a mystery, albeit one that will certainly be solved, unspectacularly, with some form of press release. [BGR via Slashphone]

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