Firefox's Spellchecker Has Four Words for 'Gizmodo'

Last night I noticed Firefox didn't yet have "Gizmodo" in its dictionary. Curiosity led me to right-click over the red line to see what words it suggested I use instead. All four were awesome:

Yes, Firefox thinks that, instead of typing the name of our beloved publication, I should instead choose from Gizzard, Quasimodo, Commodore and Sodomize. While they're not necessarily the four words I would immediately choose to sum up the wild, at times off-colour yet always authoritative spirit that exudes from these pages, I couldn't help but be impressed at what may have been the Firefox dictionary AI's first successful attempt at humour. Gizmodo: Is it a chicken part, a tragic hunchback, a top-ranking naval officer or a sex act named after a damned Biblical town? Can't it be all of these things, Firefox?

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